Local Buick Scramble Tourney 2005 results

Local Buick Scramble Tourney 2005 results by Jim Prosser In a previous edition the Plain Talk printed a story regarding the 2005 National Buick Scramble Tournament. The purpose of this report is to review and update the information in that story.

The Buick Scramble is the world�s largest amateur golf tournament. It is open to male and female golfers of all ages, so long as they have a USGA Handicap.

Teams of four amateurs compete in qualifying tournaments held at more than 1,600 golf courses nationwide during July, followed by 104 sectionals in August.

The local tourney held at The Bluffs on July 9 involved seven teams competing for gross and/or net score divisions.

The following is a list of members on each team, along with their gross and net scores.

First � Mike Stewart, Karrie Plate, Greg Peters, Billy Willroth: 62/55.

Second � David Lynn, Mark Sweet, Chris White. Todd Vik: 63/60.

Third � Nick Hovden, Scott Isaak, Nick Mayer, Ben Schlorholtz: 64/60.

Fourth � Steven Frey, Dave Jensen, Karl Forsburg, Marty Sorensen: 65/60.

Fifth � Pat Amundson, Mike Kruse, Greg Baedke, Dennis Tomhave: 64/61.

Sixth � Travis Thomas, Kirk Lubbers, Mike Davis, Steve Huisenga: 65/62.

Seventh � Bill Powell, Don Scheidel, Brent Yager, Kurt Kuiper: 66/62.

The team is augmented by a fifth golfer when they advance to the next level of the tournament � a local PGA Pro. The sectional will be held in August in a site to be determined.

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