More anglers are taking too many walleye

More anglers are taking too many walleye "During the month of June, conservation officers issued 30 citations to people for being over their limit for walleye," said Day County Conservation Office Bob Losco. "Since the daily limit on Lynn Lake is two walleye per day, most of the anglers have been cited for being two walleye over their daily limit, which has given most violators a fine of $104, a possible loss of fishing privileges and pending civil damages of $100."

Losco noted that the most drastic case on Lynn Lake involved Philip Turner, 66, Ft Dodge, IA and Russell Johnson, 68, Ft. Dodge, IA. Each angler was charged with being two walleye and six crappie over his daily limit, paid a $448 fine, had one-year of fishing privileges revoked and are pending civil damages of $400.

East River anglers should check pages 15-19 of the 2005 S.D. Fishing Handbook.

for lake-specific harvest limits and lake-specific regulations.

Anglers should also note that if a person pleads guilty or is found guilty of a wildlife violation in South Dakota that carries the additional penalty of loss of privilege, such loss of privilege may affect that person�s ability to engage in that same privilege in one or more of the 19 states involved in the Wildlife Violator Compact.

�If an angler�s conviction in South Dakota results in a loss of fishing privileges, it is that angler�s responsibility to determine whether his/her loss of privilege in South Dakota will affect his/her ability to lawfully engage in angling in the other compact states,� Losco said.

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