New pseudoephedrine, ephedrine law in effect

New pseudoephedrine, ephedrine law in effect A new state law affects how retailers display and the amount they are able to sell of products containing pseudoephedrine or ephedrine.

�I want to thank the S.D. Pharmacists Association and the S.D. Retailers Association for their assistance in developing this legislation,� said Gov. Mike Rounds. �Because of their efforts, we will be able to make it more difficult for meth labs to operate in South Dakota.�

SB 221, passed during the 2005 Legislative Session, requires the following:

? Places a two-package limit on any single transaction on products containing pseudoephedrine or ephe-drine;

? Requires that products containing pseudoephedrine or ephedrine as the sole ingredient in tablet form be displayed behind the counter or with some type of anti-theft device;

? Requires that liquid, liquid and gel caps, or pediatric products containing pseudoephedrine or ephe-drine be displayed within 20 feet of the counter allowing the attendant to view the product at all times unless the product has an anti-theft device;

? Makes it a Class I misdemeanor if more than the two-package limit is sold or purchased in a single transaction;

? Insures a uniform standard for law enforcement and to facilitate retailer compliance and training of employees.

In January of 2004, Governor Rounds appointed a Statewide Methamphetamine Task Force and specifically requested that the task force focus on the manufacturing of meth. This legislation is a direct result of the work of the task force.

In addition, the task force worked closely with the S.D. Board of Pharmacy and the Meth Awareness and Prevention Project (MAPP) in the development of this legislation.

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