South Dakota HIV rate increases from 2004

South Dakota HIV rate increases from 2004 South Dakota reported 26 new cases of HIV in the first six months of 2005, compared to 19 cases for all of 2004, according to the latest HIV/AIDS surveillance report from the Department of Health.

"We are finding two things that may have contributed to the increase – intravenous methamphetamine use and use of the Internet to hook up with new sex partners," said Dr.�Lon Kightlinger, state epidemiologist for the department. �The trends for both these risk behaviors have been on the rise nationally and we�re seeing their presence here as well.�

Kightlinger said the department is working to make health care providers aware of the new trends and will also be coordinating with the state�s Methamphetamine Task Force on prevention and education efforts. In addition, disease intervention staff is being trained on methamphetamine and the internet as risk factors and specific questions about the risks are being incorporated into protocols for HIV/AIDS case investigation.

According to the July 2005 surveillance report,

? 488�South Dakota�residents have been reported infected with HIV since 1985 when the first case was identified;

? 285�South Dakota�residents are currently living with HIV/AIDS;

? 286�South Dakota�residents have been diagnosed with AIDS since 1985.

Recent HIV trend data shows that:�

? Since 2002, 47 percent of�South Dakota�s HIV/AIDS cases have been white, 29 percent Native American, 17 percent black, and 7 percent Hispanic and other races;

? By exposure category, since 2002, 37 percent of cases have been heterosexual, primarily women exposed by a partner.

? The majority of the 90 HIV/AIDS cases reported since 2002 have been among those age 30 and over � 33 were aged 30 to 39, 19 were aged 40 to 49, and 15 were aged 50 to 59.

A copy of the report and information about HIV/AIDS prevention can be found on the department�s Web site at�

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