Students awarded scholarships

Students awarded scholarships Sarah Anderson, Lindsey Davies, Ellen Odson and Jackie Thomas of Vermillion are among more than 900 students have been awarded New Nebraskan, Nebraska Legacy or Midwest Student Exchange Program scholarships to attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The scholarship winners are from 46 states and Puerto Rico.

Scholarships for New Nebraskans were created in 1995 to identify and reward the most talented students from states other than Nebraska who choose to attend UNL. The scholarships are awarded based on transfer grade-point averages for transfer students, or on academic accomplishments in high school and admissions test scores for 2005 high school graduates.

New Nebraskan scholarships are awarded at three levels covering all or part of the differential between in-state and out-of-state tuition. For 30 credit hours in 2005-06, full tuition differential scholarships will be worth $8,490; those that cover 66 percent of the differential will be worth $5,604; and those that cover 25 percent of the differential will be worth $2,122.

This year, the three levels of the scholarships were named to honor three prominent UNL alumni. Full tuition-differential scholarships were named George Beadle Scholarships in honor of the 1926 graduate who shared the 1958 Nobel Prize in physiology for his work in plant genetics; the 66 percent tuition-differential scholarships were named Ruth Leverton scholarships in honor of the pioneering nutritionist (class of 1928); and the 25 percent tuition-differential scholarships were named Aaron Douglas Scholarships in honor of the 1922 graduate who has been described as the father of African-American art and was a leader of the Harlem Renaissance movement.

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