Transportation Commission to consider raising speed limits

Transportation Commission to consider raising speed limits The Transportation Commission will consider raising the speed limit from 65 mph to 70 mph on several divided rural South Dakota highways. Commissioners will listen to input from the public at their July 28 meeting at the Becker-Hansen Building in Pierre. The meeting begins at 9 a.m.

Highways under consideration for the change include:

? US 12 from Aberdeen east to I29: The existing 65 MPH zone will continue from the east edge of Aberdeen to near Bath and across the segment of road crossing Rush Lake. Lower speeds will be maintained through Groton, Bristol, Webster, and Waubay with minor changes.

? SD 37 from Mitchell north to Huron: This includes a section from just north of Mitchell to SD34 and from SD34 to just south of Huron.

? SD50 from Yankton east to I29: Lower speed limits will be maintained at Meckling and Vermillion with minor changes.

? US 83 from Fort Pierre south to I90.

? US281 from Aberdeen south to SD20.

The South Dakota Legislature passed a bill during the 2005 session that allows the Transportation Commission to change the speed limit. If the commission adopts the speed limit change at its July meeting, the new speed limits could go into effect by the beginning of September.

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