USD announces dean¹s list for 2005 spring semester

USD announces dean�s list for 2005 spring semester The University of South Dakota has announced the dean�s list for the 2005 spring semester, with 1,209 students named to the list. According to Board of Regents policy, students who achieve a GPA of at least 3.5 while earning 12 or more credit hours with no incomplete or failing grades are eligible for the dean�s list.

In addition, The University of South Dakota recognizes academic excellence in its part-time students, with 239 students named to the list.�Academic Recognition is issued for part-time students at the end of the fall and spring terms. To be awarded Academic Recognition, students must meet the following guidelines: 1) have completed at least 12 credit hours prior to the current semester at one or more BOR institutions; 2) earn a minimum of 3 and up to 11 credit hours during the term; 3) achieve a term GPA of at least 3.50; and 4) have no grades of F, U (unsatisfactory), or I (incomplete). Those receiving Academic Recognition list honors for the 2005 spring semester are noted with an asterisk (*).

Students from Vermillion named to the list are: Dawn M. Addison-Corbit*, Andriea A. Aden, Nathan P. Anderson, Chelsea M. Armbruster, Alex C. Arobba, Crystal R. Arrowood, Joel M. Azevedo, Leah L. Bakke, Shawna M. Baron, Gregory J. Bennett, Carly J. Bernard, Anne E. Bertschinger, Shawna K. Boke, Nikki C. Boomgaarden, Chris Bordewyk, Julie A. Borg, Todd J. Branson*, Jessica R. Braun, Kathy J. Brower, Steven J. Buchy, Danielle L. Buechler, Anthony R. Burbach*, Cody J. Butler, Amy R. Buttemeier, Katie J. Carlson, Danelle M. Cass, Melissa J. Castillo, Marilee J. Celis, Julie Choi, Wes Christensen, Heidi K. Clark*, Robert E. Clark*, JJ Clendenin, Julie M. Clifford, Chad A. Clites, Phillip R. Compary*, Katie E. Connors, Lindsay K. Curington*, Jared W. Daniel, Molly J. Daniel, Jon C. Danielson*, Adam P. DeHueck, Nathan G. DeVries, Evie Dodd, Adam W. Dunn, Daniel P. Earley, Kate Erickson, Deanna R. Falkena*, Audrey J. Foltz, Derek S. Franken*, Stacy T. Fritz, Jenny Frye, Rob Galbraith, Micah J. Gitlin, Sarah A. Gitlin, Stacey L. Gleason, Carl W. Gorton, Kerry A. Hacecky, Patrick M. Hamiel, Danelle M. Hansen, Todd D. Hansen*, Nicole C. Hathaway, Christopher M. Hayes, Todd B. Hoehne, Wyatt W. Holiway*, Ross R. Holsing*, Erin R. Honke, Tabitha A. Hubert, Holly K. Huse, Katrina M. Jacobs, Becky Jepsen, James D. Johnson, Nate J. Johnson, Dana D Kennebeck, Carson J. Kennedy, Paige E. Kindle, Laura M. Klein, Sara L. Kniffen*, Amy J. Koch, Anna M. Kooistra*, Tara M. Kuhn, Melissa J. Langle, Michael C. Larson, Lacey A. Leheska, Claudia Leow, Kayla L. Loecker, Melissa A. Long, Lori L. Loucks, Matthew P. Lowe, Melissa M. Lucas, Jennifer M. Lushbough*, Kyla D. Madsen, Andrew T. Martin, Michella J. Mathis, Mark D. Mazour*, Keith B. McCollister, Katie McDonald, Sherri L. McGregor, Katie M. McKenzie, Angie McNeal, Duane C. Mehlhaf*, Paula J. Meseck, Laurie S. Miiller*, Tanna L. Miiller*, Chris Mikkelsen*, Kate A. Miles, Michele A. Morse, Lance J. Muellenberg, Matthew D. Murphy, Katie J. Nebelsick, Adam A. Nelson, Amber D. Nepodal, Joy Neutz, Brian A. Oberlander, Tressa H. Olson, Patrick R. Ondrozeck, Melissa R. Parker, Carla L. Pierce, Peggy J. Pierson, Nikki Pittman, Amber L. Postma, Hayley V. Price, Teresa M. Rathbun*, Gregory C. Redlin*, Heather J. Reeves, Dan Ring, Mira Ristic, Sandra K. Robertson*, Melissa J. Roel, Carrie E. Roerig, Sara J. Rohde, Nate Rohlf*, Curtis R. Roth, Tanya M. Salter, Maggie B. Sampson, Troy D. Schaffer*, Val Schettler, Carmen M. Schmidt, Brittany S. Schreurs, Aaron K. Schulte, Todd S. Schultz, Nate J Schwab, Brock A. Seim, Amanda K. Sheppard*, Brad Simons, Shelly S. Skogstad, Rocky J. Smith, Liz Snyder, Karen M. Sorensen*, Lindsey L. Soukup, Heather K. Stone, Daniel R. Strong*, Josh Swanstrom, Jimmy Taylor, Jenny Tchida*, Iris Teng*, Neysa E. Thomas*, Ashley R. Thompson, Kea R. Thorstenson, Jessica Y. Tietz, Jamie L. Tigert*, Justin B. Tobin*, Daniel J. Tolsma, Robyn L. Tomac, Joshua L. Tonsager, Laura B. Tschetter, Andrea K. Tucker, Michelle C. Tuohy, Dru E. Van Kley, Becki L. Van Pelt, Andrew D. VanOsdol, Stacy J. Verduin, Shannon L. Villalobos*, Rashaun M. Vicente, Erin M. Vogel*, Lynn M. Von Koch, Lisha A. VonEhwegen, Mary S Waller*, Jamie L. Weber*, Megan L. Wilder, Brittany L. Wilson, Roger A. Wilson, Bethany A. Withee, Shaun L. Zemlicka, James D. Zimiga*, Michelle J. Zimiga and Adam J. Zych.

Wakonda students on the dean�s list are: Debra K. Book, Mike Girard*, Ashley A. Logue, Emily J. Logue and Kayla M. Nielsen.

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