City hall sites now number 3

City hall sites now number 3 by David Lias After discussion that lasted nearly an hour Monday, the Vermillion City Council decided to take Fullerton Lumber off the list of four potential final sites for the community's new city hall.

The council also decided to delay the hiring of an architectural firm to come up with more specific design options for one or two of the remaining three sites.

The three recommended sites, made by the Vermillion City Hall Advisory Committee last month, include demolition and new construction at either the existing city hall site or the old National Guard Armory site, or the purchase and remodeling of the Bank of the West building located on Main Street.

The committee�s goals didn�t include the pursuit of new construction or remodeling costs because it was felt such efforts should remain in the realm of the city council.

The committee also decided, after months of research, that the existing city hall building would be far too difficult and expensive to renovate.

�We do have a lack of information, especially as far as relocating the National Guard (if the old armory site is chosen),� said Alderman Nathan Adams. �But ultimately, what�s going to happen is, if we spend this money, for two of the sites it will end up being wasted money.

�We�re only going to end up with one site, and that would mean that, with the other two, it would ultimately be money spent on something we didn�t want,� he said.

The council agreed with Adams� motion to table efforts on getting more precise cost figures from architectural firms until Sept. 6.

�I will gather as much information as I can for the council for that date,� City Manager John Prescott said.

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