Estate issues to be discussed at Dakotafest

Estate issues to be discussed at Dakotafest Information about estate planning, specifically about getting advance directives for health care, will be available in the blue and white SDSU tent at Dakotafest 2005.

Liz Gorham, family resource management specialist for South Dakota State University Cooperative Extension, will have information from a series of publications she is writing to cover the full range of issues individuals and families must deal with in estate planning.

Dakotafest, located on the southeast side of Mitchell, takes place this year from Aug. 16-18.

Gorham�s publications also are becoming available online as they are finished. Find them at an SDSU Web site, Click on �Personal Finance,� and then on �Retirement/Estate Planning� for a listing of those currently available.

Issues Gorham has dealt with so far include getting started in estate planning in South Dakota; estate planning for families with minor children; wills; letters of last instruction; property ownership; dying without a will in South Dakota; rights of the terminally ill in South Dakota; power of attorney; and personal representatives.

Watch the Web site for new publications on estate planning.

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