Juniorettes bid farewell to Theresa, Sarah

Juniorettes bid farewell to Theresa, Sarah The Jolly Juniors and Juniorettes 4-H Club met on Tuesday, July 12 at the Extension office kitchen.

Theresa Dendinger, president, brought the meeting to order. Marley Hanson led the Pledge of Allegiance. Ellen Hanson led the 4-H pledge.No secretary�s report was read. Sarah Anderson gave the treasurer�s report.

Pam Hanson gave Sarah Anderson the money earned from selling refreshments at Guys and Dolls. Sarah deposited the money in the club account. A thank you was then given to everyone who helped by providing cookies and for working to set up and sell the refreshments.

Congratulations were given to Ellen Hanson and Marley Hanson for receiving purple ribbons in Fashion Revue.

Theresa Dendinger talked about the Washington Focus trip she went on.

A thank you was given to all who helped serve refreshments and/or bring snacks for the Children�s Theatre Workshop in June.

A thank you was also given to those who worked at the Tri-State Dog Show concession stand in July.

If anyone is looking for their organizer pieces and baby food jars, contact Pam Hanson at her home.

New business: Discussion took place on making a donation to the Vermillion Community Theatre. A motion to make a donation to the VCT was made by Ellen Hanson. Sarah Anderson seconded it. Sarah Anderson will send a thank you to the VCT and enclose a check from our club.

Discussion took place on making a donation to the Clay County Trust Fund. A motion was made to make a donation by Marley Hanson. Clayton Larsen seconded it. Sarah Anderson will send a check to the Clay County Trust Fund.

A reminder was given on the following: Summer Come Create � Saturday, July 16; and Judging School � Thursday, July 21 � be there early.

State Fair cards will be mailed out.

Marley Hanson, Ellen Hanson and Ashley Sorensen told what their favorite part of 4-H camp was. The three girls then stood in front of the group and sang and showed the motions to a song, Tarzan, that they learned at camp. Sarah Anderson and Theresa Dendinger then got up in front and sang the Banana song and showed us the motions. Our club has so much talent!

Discussion took place on the Clay County Fair. The Clay County Fair books will be sent out soon. Please read through them, looking for club name and parent/child name for assignments and times, set-up Monday, Aug. 8, 7 p.m. the Extension building; Wednesday, Aug. 10, 4 to 6 p.m. � parents and 4-H members on a 4-H entry night committee and 4-H members, from 4 to 6 p.m. to enter 4-H exhibits and be interview judged, if necessary; Food Stand � work schedule, Friday, 1 until 6 p.m., each family is to provide a pie for the food stand; cleaning up of grounds on Sunday morning and pick up fair exhibits. Watch your fair book closely.

Ellen Hanson made a motion to adjourn the meting. Sarah Anderson seconded it. Meeting was adjourned.

Ashley Sorensen gave her first demonstration �Glass Etching.�

Sarah Rorsacker gave her first demonstration �Candy Molding.�

This was the last club meeting for Sarah Anderson and Theresa Dendinger as they will be college when our next meeting will be in September. They will be missed at our meetings. We wish them well in their college years.

There is no meeting in August due to the fair. The next meeting will be on Tuesday, Sept. 13 at the Extension office at 7 p.m. Demonstrations will be given by Clayton and Reilly Larsen, Katie VanBalen, Ellen Hanson and Emily Holoch. Katie Van Balen will present a judging school.


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