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To the editor:

Subject: New location for city hall.


1. The present city hall is inadequate in size and does not lend itself to remodeling to resolve the problems.

2. Removal of city hall from the center of town would be detrimental to the integrity and growth of the community.

3. Inflation will continue to adversely affect the cost of acquisition of an adequate site.

4. The cost of renovation or new construction will continue to rise every year.

Facts Bearing on the Problem:

1. The Bank of the West is in a relatively new building that has had adequate maintenance throughout its life.

2. Its location and available parking are satisfactory for the city�s intended use.

3. An architect can design ways to use the available space utilizing the present HVAC system (heating, ventilating, air conditioning) without compromising the needs for privacy in certain areas.

4. The cost of demolition, construction and time involved make consideration of the bank site desirable as opposed to the other sites under consideration.


The Bank of the West has offered to sell us this property. The price may be greater at this time. Architectural design can be accomplished while the bank makes its removal from the site. Renovation contracts can be let to begin shortly after the bank has left the space. We could use the drive up window for paying utility bills if that would be to our advantage.

We could retain the present garages on National Street and the land just south of them for our continued use and eliminate the need for a garage on the present bank building property. We could sell the quarter block where the present City Hall stands or turn it into parking for the downtown district.

The city hall committee has estimated that new construction on the present site or new construction on the Fullerton Lumber Company site will cost over $3 million. The committee is not sure if the old National Guard Armory site is available but its cost is estimated at over $3 million. Revision of plans for renovation of the bank and elimination of a garage puts its cost at about $2.5 million.


1. Purchase and renovation of the Bank of the West site appears to be the cheapest solution to the problem.

2. The architecture is sound, attractive, at a good location and has adequate parking and access.

3. Acquisition and renovation appears to provide facilities for the city�s use at the earliest available time.


1. That the City of Vermillion take action to acquire the property of the Bank of the West at 15 East Main Street to house a new and better City Hall.

Young Moore III


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