Letters Taste of success

To the editor:

A little over 50 years ago, the Vermillion Lions Club was organized and began their record of service to our city. One of their first acts of community service was to erect signs east and west of Vermillion on Highway 50 advertising the presence of W.H. Over Museum as a wonderful tourist attraction. The Lions have continued to lend financial support to the museum.

Last week, for four days, the Vermillion Lions Club found a new way to support the W.H. Over Museum and served their wonderful pancakes to travelers at the I-29 rest area. This included planning, preparing, posting signs, gathering supplies, doing all of the things it takes to stage a successful event which included several weeks of planning.

Lion Lindy Wipf of Pressing Matters designed and printed the beautiful poster that advertised this event. Each of the first four days in August, Lions Sid Davis, Marion Kryger, Carl Carlson and Allen Johnson were at the rest stop before 6 a.m. to fire up the grill and set up the serving system. Frank Putz, �just a friend,� helped each of those days.

Lion Ron Thaden was there to help haul the heavy grill. Executive board members of the Friends of the Over Museum, Judy Clark, Joe Reedy, Wendell Gauger, and Ken Wurtz helped during the event. Board member Jeanette Williams and Jack Powell worked hard throughout all of the days � serving food, helping carry trays, cleaning tables, and keeping the rest area clean.

It was a great time! This group not only served up the best pancakes there are to be had anywhere, the good will generated for our state left many, many visitors with a good feeling about South Dakota and many promises to see us next year. There are lots and lots of pictures that will have �Vermillion Lions Club� as a backdrop.

I would like to thank the citizens of Vermillion for coming out to the rest stop to share in this effort to raise dollars for the W.H. Over Museum. Thanks, too, to Lisa Ketcham and her staff at the Chamber for all of their help in advertising this event. Your support of the W.H. Over Museum and its activities is deeply appreciated.


Maxine Johnson

President, Friends of the W.H. Over Museum

Noon meetings important

To the editor:

The Vermillion City Council meets as established by ordinance on the first and third Monday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Al Neuharth Media Center at 555 N. Dakota Street on the USD Campus. In addition, special meetings may be called by the mayor or by written request of three council members to the finance officer.

For the past several years, the majority of city council members have desired to meet at noon on the same day as the regular council meetings to review the evening agenda with city staff. Since I took office in July 2004, we have usually either toured a city facility or held educational programming at the noon meetings in addition to a review of the evening agenda.

I believe that the tours and educational programs have been very beneficial to me personally and other council members. It has given us a chance to see our employees in their work place and learn about their jobs and the operation of many city departments. I believe this should be the primary focus of these noon special meetings.

The council majority decided on Aug. 1 to continue meeting at noon on the same day as regular meetings with the following guidelines:

1. The first monthly noon meeting (first Monday) will be reserved for visioning or planning, and will be held in the old Council Chambers upstairs at City Hall.

2. The second monthly noon meeting (third Monday) will be reserved for a tour or educational programming. Most of these meetings will take place on site at a city facility.

3. At the end of these sessions time will be available for council members to ask city staff about the evening agenda if anyone has a question. No action will be taken.

4. No food will be purchased with public funds for noon meetings .

5. All these noon meetings are open to the public, just as are all our city council meetings with the exception of occasional executive sessions.

Since the majority of elected officials desire to meet as outlined above, it is my intention to call the special meetings to allow this. We may also need other occasional special meetings from time to time throughout the year as the need arises.

It is very important to me and members of the City Council that we conduct our business in open public forums that are legally posted and accessible to our citizens. Agendas may be found on the Web at www.cityofvermillion.com and are posted to the left of the front door at City Hall. Your presence and participation is solicited and appreciated! Thank you.

Dan Christopherson


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