New weather stations are deployed by SDSU

New weather stations are deployed by SDSU South Dakota State University is deploying new weather stations at sites around South Dakota to get more detailed information about weather and climate around the state.

�We�re going to add 23 new stations to those 13 we have in existence already,� SDSU Extension State Climatologist Dennis Todey said. �We�re trying to put them into locations where we don�t have existing, current data.�

The stations will record weather data every five minutes, including temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, solar radiation, and rainfall.

Hourly information from each weather site will be available to area residents by going to Todey�s South Dakota Climate Web site, The site also provides access to archived data from weather-reporting sites.

Todey said at each weather site, SDSU is working with a local partner who helps provide the communications infrastructure to get the weather data to SDSU and the public.

The first new sites include McIntosh, Timber Lake, Lemmon, and Martin, where the local school districts are helping provide communications; and Union Center, where the local school district and businessman Gary Cammack provide communications support.

SDSU�s 13 existing weather stations are in Brookings, Aurora, South Shore, Beresford, Dell Rapids, Redfield, Gettysburg, Oacoma, Pierre, Cottonwood, Oral, Caputa, and Nisland.

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