Open house at Volin gym for Turtle Races

Open house at Volin gym for Turtle Races The historic old Volin School Gym will be open on Saturday during the Turtle Races in Volin, according to owners Doug and Judi Sharples of Wakonda.

For the first time since the school was closed in 1998 and sold at public auction, the general public will have a chance to see the gymnasium which once hosted basketball games, plays, and dances, and served as the school cafeteria for many years.

�We�ve got everything shined up and pretty much in working order, including the restrooms in the lobby,� said Judi Sharples.

Drinks and snacks will be available for purchase in the kitchen throughout the day starting about 10 a.m. when parade entrants will line up at the gym. A show of classic and antique cars will be held from noon until 4 p.m. on the grounds in the back of the gym.

Meckling artist April Gawboy is painting a mural related to the Volin Turtle Races on the front of the building.

�We hope the weather cooperates and April is able to finish by Saturday,� said Doug Sharples. �It�s a race to get it done for the Turtle Races!�

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