Pulpit Reflections

Pulpit Reflections By Rev. Elmer "Sandy" Aakre Sparrows? not a sparrow falls ? Matt. 10:29

A streak of gray passed quickly by me. As I stopped, a little sparrow lit on the ground, cocked his head as if to look at me and then started pecking at the bread crumbs that had fallen from the dumpster. I quickly reached for my camera for a photo but the little bird was gone in an instant at my movement.

During our deployment, most of the birds I saw were those little sparrows. They looked a little gaunt compared to the sparrows in South Dakota. Perhaps their small size and large numbers was the reason why our Lord said that not one sparrow fell without the Father�s knowledge.

If God keeps track and provides for the sparrow then think how much more precious you are to Him! In days of heat and nights of cold, in times of plenty and in times of want, God is caring for you!

Don�t believe it? Think about all the things you have been given. Have you praised God for those blessings or have you complained like the Hebrew children about the �leeks and garlics� they left behind in Egypt? God provided quail and manna.

Too often we fail to thank God for what we have. Perhaps we need to be like the sparrows � trusting each day for light and warmth and food. Each day I hear the chirping and trilling as if they are praising God for His goodness here in Iraq � a place very few of us can see much goodness or bounty.

PRAYER: Lord, strip from our eyes the things that keep us from truly seeing the blessings all around us � even amidst the perceived emptiness of our lives.

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