Superintendent’s Corner

Superintendent's Corner By Larry Johnke Wakonda and Irene School Districts

The new school year is about to start for the Eagles of both Irene and Wakonda. For the first year the two school districts will cooperate in all athletic teams with games shared between the two communities.

Although the teams will be class 9AA in football again, all of the others except golf will be class A. This will be a new adventure for our students, but we expect great results from our students.

Both districts� test results under NCLB will be available to the public on the state�s Web site Once you are on the state�s site, go to �popular links� and click on �state report card.� Then click on 2005 State Report Cards, your school district and schools and see how well the school and district did on the Dakota Step which measures compliance with the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act.

If you have trouble getting this information, please stop at either school�s office and the information will be supplied to you.

Both Irene and Wakonda School District met the requirements for NCLB for 2005. There are district results and results for their elementary, junior high, and high schools. Results are broken down by grades, schools, district, and various subgroups in these schools.

Wakonda has made average yearly progress for math and reading for all measurable subgroups for the past three years. Irene has done the same for the past two years. Each school�s student and staffs should be commended for this accomplishment. Staffs and students have worked very hard to meet state content standards in all curriculum areas.

This year the teaching staff in both Irene and Wakonda will meet the requirements of having highly qualified teachers according to the NCLB. Each teacher either has a major in the subject they are teaching, have three-year teaching experience or have passed a state specified content test in the subject area they are teaching.

Beginning school year packets should be coming out for both schools this week to families with students in school. Irene�s packet may be delayed until next week due to computer problems and a personal situation. Please, work with the school. Please, all families that may qualify for free or reduced price meals, apply for these services because most federal monies and grants the schools received are based on the number of free and reduced meals served. The schools thank you for your support.

If anyone has questions about the upcoming school year please contact the school�s office at 263-3311 in Irene or 267-2644 in Wakonda.

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