Tanager tennis team opens season with Yankton quad

Tanager tennis team opens season with Yankton quad By Jim Prosser On Saturday, Aug. 20, the Tanager girls' tennis team met three very tough opponents, including RC Stevens and Watertown, in a quadrangular at the courts of the Summit Center sports complex in Yankton to open the 2005 season.

New tennis coach Dan Hanson has a very young squad with mostly underclassmen participants. They are: juniors � Stephanie Cowman, Britney Holmberg, Sarah McCann, Lindsay Morecrraft and Kristin Welk; sophomores � Dru Daniels, Elizabeth Day, Amanda Grannas, Laura Jacobson, Alicia Hesla, and Gabby Richard; freshmen � Cassie Schaffer, Shanon Skillman and Ema Tracy; eighth-grader � Sarah Axtell.

Team scores were: Stevens � 9, Vermillion � 0; Yankton � 9, Vermillion � 0; and Watertown � 9, Vermillion � 0.

Singles vs. RC Stevens: Brie Groves (S) def. Liz Day 8-0; Fiorina Oddo (S) def. Lindsay Morecraft 8-0; Kelsey Brugger (S) def. Dru Daniels 8-0; Lauren Shultz (S) def. Shanon Skillman 8-1; Cassie Malik (S) def. Steph Cowman 8-4; and Kaitlyn Wright (S) def. Alicia 8-0.

Doubles: Oddo/Taylor Stuck def. Day/Morecraft 8-0; Brugger/ Groves def. Daniel/Skillman 8-2; Schultz/ Wright def. Cowman/Hesla 8-1.

Here�s a look at the Yankton scores: Singles � Melanie Rockne (Y) def. Day 8-0; Steph Rockne (Y) def. Morecaft 8-0; Bridget Henderson (Y) def. Daniels 8-2; Gabby Kachena (Y) def. Skillman 8-1; Jaclyn Matheson (Y) def. Cowman 8-0; and Marie Holtzman (Y) def. Hesla 8-5.

Doubles: Rockne/Rockne (Y) def. Day/Morecraft 8-0; Kachena/Henderson (Y) def. Daniels/Skillman 8-3; Matheson/Holtzman (Y) def. Cowman/Hesla 8-5.

Finally, the team faced Watertown: Singles � Tegan Bakke (W) def. Day 8-0; Lauren Saylor (W) def. Morecraft 8-0; Lauren Beuchnell (W) def. Daniels 8-0; Anna Jones (W) def. Skillman 8-1; Sara Saathoff (W) def. Cowman 8-0; and Elizabeth Fox (W) def. Hesla 8-0.

Doubles: Bakke/Saylor def. Day/Morecraft 8-1; Beuchnell/Jones def. Daniels/Skillman 8-2; Fox/ Carly Heideman def. Cowman/ Hesla 8-0.

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