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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Senior golfers record 13 birdies

A cool morning on Aug. 23 encouraged 37 seniors to join in the fun. Good golf produced 13 birdies. We welcomed a newcomer, Dick Kellog. He plans to keep coming.

The team with low score and thus a prize winner was Ross King, Ted Van Bruggen, Cliff Deverell and Guy Button.

At 35 was Jerry Sommervold, Cleland Cook and Maurice Erickson. Following with 36 was Shorty Hanson, Ron Brown and Jack Stewart.

Two prize winners at 37 were Vern Holter, Bob Solomon and Quentin Oleson, plus the team of Mo Marcotte, Don Baer and Fritz Bartels.

Final winner at 38 was the team of Bob Boone, Dave Zimmer and Ardell Hatch. The remainder of the teams brought in scores that were within three strokes of the final winners.

Several outstanding putts were recognized. Of the group, shots of the day go to Guy Button for an 80-foot birdie putt on #1 and Cleland Cook sunk a 57-foot birdie putt on #3. Howard Connors reported that last year we played through every Tuesday in November. So, if this year stays good, we will have many more days to enjoy. See you next week at the same time.

Men�s League weekly report

After a two-week hiatus for the League Handicap Tournament, the ninth week of league play was held on the front nine at The Bluffs.

Results for the week in the American division had best scores for Gravediggers, 20.5, Bluffs Boys and First Dakota, 17.5 points each and Pros 16.5.

Since some scoring has dropped off, it was nice to see a couple under par scores and a couple eagles reported: Brian Steele had two under par 34 (net 30), Mark Clark was at 35 (net 31); Bill Powell, 37, and Gary Prosser, 38 were the other under 40 scores.

There were 12 birdies recorded with Steele and Clark each having three. Mike Allen, and Brian Smith both eagled #1!

The National division was more competitive and the previous standings were slightly scrambled by the teams who were vying for first place as they came up with high a score like 18 � Char Bar and LBA � and low ones like Americlean, 12.5, and First Bank & Trust, 8.5. Seven players had a scratch score less than 40 � Scott Hanson (35, net 33); Dennis Bruce � two rounds (37 and 38) and Rick Haught (37); Billy Willroth (38, net 30); Mike Billiet and Bob Boone � 39 each.

Sixteen birdies were reported, and Willroth recorded three on his second round (he eagled #1 during his first round); Hanson was the only other player with three birds.

American Grave Diggers 137

Bluffs Boys 133

Recuerdo�s 126.5

Bank of the West 125

Midwest Homes 121.5

PIK 114.5

Sandtrappers 111.5

Vote for Pedro 101.5

Serious Six 96

First Dakota 92

Multiple Putts 89

Fox Pizza/Miller Lite 85

Bogeys 4 Ever 72

Total Flooring 43.5


Americlean 136

Char Bar 128.5

First Bank & Trust 126.5

Bogey+ 119.5

LBA 115.5

West Side Inn 110.5

Coldwell Banker 103.5

Sons of Thunder 86.5

Alkota 85.5

Eagles 85

Divots 76.5

Hy-Vee 72

Wednesday ladies

There were 27 ladies for luncheon. Desserts were provided by Jan Chapman and Ann Stewart

Golf report: We played�� �Pass the Buck.� The winners were Pat Pratt, Pat Berglund, Pat Steckelberg and Edith Nelson.

Dominoes: There were three tables. High scores: Darlene Engbrecht, Anita White and Jayne Merrigan.

Low scores: Jan Chap-man, Lynette Spencer and Babe Hurowitz

We did not have bridge today.

The weather was great for golfing. Mary Bartels has been helping me as back-up when I can�t be at the meetings. Thank you Mary for such a good job.

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