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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Men's league handicap tourney

Of the 88 entrants in the league handicap tournament, only 61 completed the 18-hole finish. The overall champion was Clark Lewison, from flight 4-6, with a one under par 71. The following are the top six finishers in each flight:

Flight (0, 3)

1. Rick Haught, 76; 2. Nick Hovden, 78; 3. Brian Steele, 78; 4. Don Harris, 79; 5. Bob Boone, 79; 6. Mike Wettstein, 79.

Flight (4, 6)

1. Clark Lewison, 71; 2. Gary Prosser, 84; 3. Harlan Schott, 86; 4. Ron Johnson, 88; 5. Joe Villalobos, 88; 6. Brian Smith, 91.

Flight (7, 9)

1. Patrick Amundson, 81; 2. Mike Kruse, 81; 3. Mike Paulson, 83; 4. Bill Willroth Jr, 84; 5. Dennis Tomhave, 85; 6. Dan Brown, 86 (also); 7. Doug Bye, 87; 8. Brent Yager, 87.

Flight (10, 12)

1. Bob Noonan, 87; 2. Rod Tieman, 88; 3. Ben Schlorholtz, 89; 4. Floyd Boschee, 93; 5. Rex Huska, 93; 6. Farren Pratt, 95.

Flight (13, 15)

1. Jeri Engleking, 86; 2. Jason Flateboe, 100; 3. Max Andersen, 101; 4. Lyle Weyrich, 106; 5. Chad Holden, 106; 6. Wade Hansen, 114.

Flight ( 16, 18)

1. Keith Joy, 99; 2. Mick Breske, 99; 3. Quinny Larson, 107; 4. Rich Job, 108; 5. Tim Heesch, 111; 6. Dick Foltz, 119; 7. Dave Lias, 119.

Rain shortens play for W.E.L.L. August 10 was a rainy night for golf. Despite the showers all the teams had players present to compete that night. All teams managed a minimum of five holes so the round will be counted. This will be done by taking 55 percent of a player�s handicap to use in calculating the net score, as five of nine holes is 55 percent of a round. Under these conditions the low gross score was shot by Jenny Chandler with a 21, followed closely by Karrie Plate with a 22. The low net score went to Shelly Brunick with a 16. Our hosts, the Sand Yappers, were not able to put out pin prizes to award since not all players were able to play on every hole, thus limiting those with a shot at the prize. They chose, instead, to draw names from the Quackson bowl for those prizes (this was deemed by them better than the alternative of being hosts again the following week). The winners of the �pin prizes� from the drawing were Nace Huska, Mary Gauer and Peggy Donnely. Winning the Quackson was Terry Meierkort. Senior golfers have great day A beautiful late summer day brought out 39 senior duffers for a great game on Tuesday, Aug. 16. A total of seven birdies were turned in along with some fine scores. Two teams came in with a 35. By tie breaker, first came Jerry Sommervold, Ken Beringer and Louie Fostvedt, followed closely by Max Andersen, Dick Gregory, Ray Mount and Ross King. At 36 was Roger Kozak, Van Pierce and Ray Lynn. Next at 37 was Mo Marcotte, Cleland Cook and Maurice Erickson, and also Turk Pilker, Jim Reed, Jack Doyle and Guy Button. Then two winners at 38 with Elmer Mount, Pat Boyle and Ardell Hatch, pushed by Alan Clem, Don Baer and Fritz Bartels. Several outstanding shots were claimed. Putt of the day goes to Max Andersen for a 28-foot birdie on hole 17. A 33-yard chip-in for a birdie was holed by Don Baer on #11. Senior �fun golf� is here to stay. Invite your friends to join us. Plan to be here early � at least call in if you are running a bit late.We need your cooperation to let us keep the teams even and competitive each week. Thank you for your help.

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