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After a couple of weeks since the Dakota�s Tour Tournament, the eighth week of league play was held on the back nine at The Bluffs. Perhaps the days without golf or the hot temps affected the league scoring. At any rate, they were a lot worse than previous weeks.

Results for the week in the American division (which seems to be playing musical chairs) had best scores for Gravediggers and Bogeys 4 Ever � 17.5 points each, and Bluffs Boys and Serious Six (16 each). The top five slots in the standings changed their positions for this week!

Since scoring has dropped off, there were only a few low individual gross scores (40 or less): Clark Lewison had one over par 37; Gary Larson, Mark Clark and Brian Steel � 39 each; and Mike Keller � 40.

There were nine birdies recorded by nine different players.

The National division was more competitive but the new standings were pretty much the same as the previous week. The best team score was posted by Char Bar � 18.5 points. Eagles had 16.5 points, moving them from 10th to eighth place in the standings.

Six players had a scratch score less than 40 � Nick Mayer, 36 (net 28); Nick Hovden, Bob Boone and Rick Haught 37 each; Steve Donnelly � 38; Don Harris 39; Meyer and Boone each had an eagle and birdie during their nine-hole round.

Eight birdies were reported, no one had more than one each.


Grave Diggers 116.5

Bluffs Boys 115.5

Recuerdo�s 111.5

PIK 109

Bank of the West 106

Midwest Homes 105.5

Sandtrappers 103.5

Serious Six 90.5

Vote for Pedro 88

Multiple Putts 79.5

Fox Pizza/Miller Lite 78

First Dakota 74.5

Bogeys 4 Ever 69.5

Total Flooring 39.5


Americlean 123.5

First Bank & Trust 118

Char Bar 110.5

Bogey+ 109.55

LBA 97.5

West Side Inn 94.5

Coldwell Banker 89

Eagles 80

Alkota 75

Divots 71.5

Sons of Thunder 68.5

Hy-Vee 65

Seniors drive in foggy morning The first day of August was a foggy morning with the sun trying to shine through the fog which created high humidity for the 30 eager golfers. Only six birdies were scored. Low score was a 35 by the teams of Ken Beringer, Cleland Cook and Elmer Mount followed by Pete Berglund, Gene Iverson and Ron Steckelburg. At 36 was Bob Boone, Don Baer and Howard Connors. Two teams were winners at 37. First: Turk Pilker, Jim Reed and Louie Fostvedt; and next, Shorty Hanson, Bob Solomon and Jim Grabowski. Three teams scored 39 but only one was awarded prizes. That was the team of Mo Marcotte, Ardell Hatch and Ray Lynn. Our Shot-of-the-Day award goes to Alam Clem for his 40-foot birdie putt on #14. Congratulations, Alan! Next week we will play back on our Tuesday time. Be here early enough so that teams can be formed by 9:15 a.m. for a 9:30 a.m. tee time. Snakes and cart paths and backs, oh my! Wednesday, July 28, was a beautiful night for golf. A light breeze, not too hot, sunshine, beverages and friends. Our hosts, the RNs, treated us to three pin prizes along our play of the front nine and awarded the Quackson to Cheryl Seney. Two of the pin prizes rewarded skill in the ultimate aim of the game, putting the ball in the hole. Winning the prize for the longest putt on #1 was Terry Meierkort. Having the longest putt on #9 was Nicky Erickson. The third pin prize went to Barb Weyrich for being closest to the pin on #5. It was, according to witnesses, an awesome shot. However, Barb was apparently unable to capitalize on the shot as she did not come away with a birdie. Several women did have birdies, however. These were Karrie Plate on holes 6 and 8, Mona Bye on #1, Terry Meierkort on #1 (way to use a putt; win a pin prize AND get a birdie!), Kathy Merrigan-Manning on #8 and Ruby Plate on #6. Coming in with the low gross once again was Karrie Plate with 2 under par 34. Shooting low net, with a 2 over par gross score of 38, was Mona Bye with a 30 (38-8). Hot on Mona�s heels was Ruby Plate with a 31 (45-14). There were also some interesting doings during the round. Apparently the teams of the Par Tee Girls and Tee�d Off were on a nature outing. They went snake hunting on hole 4 and found a batch of baby snakes. They didn�t catch any, however, although you couldn�t tell from the noise they were making. Judy Hanson also played a trick shot on hole #1. While her partner, Diane Duin, was apparently struggling with staying in bounds this night. Judy decided to try out the ricochet approach shot. On hole #1 she hit from the �fuzzy weeds,� bounced on the cart path and onto the green. While Diane was hitting her ball out, Mary Kaye Zimmerman threw her back out during play. Now, that�s putting everything you have into the swing. Calendar of events Tuesday, Aug. 9 8:30 a.m. � Senior Men�s Fun Golf League registration with coffee and donuts. 9:30 a.m. � Shotgun start. 11:30 a.m. � Lunch and prizes (approximate). Noon � Open golf (make your own tee times). Wednesday, Aug. 10 8 a.m. � Ladies morning golf, luncheon and cards activities begin. 8:30 a.m. � Tee off. Noon � Lunch/games. 12:30 p.m. � Cards. 5 p.m. � Wednesday Evening Ladies League. 5:45 p.m. � Shotgun start. Thursday, Aug. 11 Men�s League handicap tournament (second round). 2:30 p.m. � Registration for men�s league tourney (be prompt). 3 p.m. � First session shotgun tee-off. 6 p.m. ��Second session shotgun tee-off. Friday, Aug. 12 5 p.m. � Weekly social and golf. Come out and join in the fun and food.

Wednesday Evening Ladies League (WELL) Standings

July 27, 2005

Points Possible % Points

Team Won Points Won

1. Bertha�s Babes 53 65 81.54%

2. Dew Whoppers 48 65 73.85%

3. Iron Maidens 48 65 73.85%

4. Plane J.A.N.E. 47 65 72.31%

5. RN�s 44.5 65 68.46% 6. Fore Pars 42 65 64.62%

9. The Pinnacle�s 34 65 52.31%

8. Chixs with Sticks 33 65 50.77%

9. Lucky Shots 32.5 65 50.00%

10. Lopez Sisters 32 65 49.23%

11. Two Putts 29 65 44.62%

12. Rough Riders 28 65 43.08%

13. Tee�d Off 25 65 38.46%

14. Mollies Follies 24.5 65 37.69%

15. Wedgies 24 65 36.92%

16. Fabulous Fore 21 65 32.31%

17. Sand Yappers 13 65 20.00%

18. Par-Tee Girls 9.5 65 14.62%

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