Wakonda School named Distinguished District for second year

Wakonda School named Distinguished District for second year Last year was the first year that the S.D. Dept. of Education recognized the state�s schools that excelled on the Dakota STEP tests in reading and math.

Wakonda School District was one of only six school districts in the state that met the criteria at the elementary, junior high and high school levels.

The 2005 list of Distinguished Districts was just released and Wakonda School is recognized again. Distinguished Schools and Districts are identified using the following criteria: must meet adequate yearly progress for two consecutive years in both reading and math, and decrease the achievement gap for one of more subgroups by 10 percent over a two-year period or have at least 80 percent of students meet the state�s proficient and advance levels of student performance in both reading and math.

Parents and community members are encouraged to check out the S.D. Dept. of Education Web site at http://doe.sd.gov to view the new �05 School Report Cards and to read about No Child Left Behind and other pertinent education topics.

Wakonda students also scored high compared to the 2005 South Dakota State Averages in Language, Science and Social Science. All students in grades three through eight and grade 11 in South Dakota are tested annually with the Stanford 10 Achievement test as part of the state testing program.

South Dakota students� Stanford 10 scores for 2005 climbed 1 to 3 percentile points from 2004.

Even with the state�s increase, Wakonda School�s grades three, four, five and six all exceeded South Dakota on the Total Battery percentiles.

Elementary students� individual score reports were distributed to parents at the elementary open house on Aug. 18. Secondary students� reports will be mailed home.

If anyone has questions about the school�s test results, you are encouraged to visit with the classroom teachers and/or Cheryl Knudson, guidance counselor.

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