Changes come with new school year

Changes come with new school year "It seems like we just put our school books away." "Boy, summer goes faster and faster every year." "Gees, why don't we start school after labor day?"

These old adages can be heard miles away as the last days in August creep upon the calendar and school begins.

As much as we dislike saying goodbye to summer, a secret part of us wants structured days where purpose is allowed to seep back into our bones. We know school brings opportunities to enlighten our souls with books, information, and skills.

However, perhaps the best part of school lies in gossiping with friends, sweatshirt weather on Friday nights enroute to a football victory, or the fire of a young school-year romance. For whatever the reason, school time is here and with it comes hope and a bit o�fear as well.

Change may be the cause of fear for many. This year will mark the first ever entire season for the Irene-Wakonda Eagles. In their blue and white uniforms two schools have united to try and create a better experience for their student-athletes.

Confusion still lingers in the hallways of both schools wondering if the Cardinal or the Warrior mascots are dead completely or if there is a place for them still, like in the arts department or at graduation or on the school�s Web site or anywhere in their lives.

After all, Wakonda�s band will be lead with the banner, �Wakonda Warrior Band.� The question then, is posed, �Is a mascot only created for sports?� Debatable, I guess.

Walking into a big blue Eagle head or standing in front of blue and white pom poms used to mean you were lost somewhere on the opponent�s side. Now, two districts and two communities must mix to bleed new blood and to unify for one prideful team.

It already looks like the adults may be taking lessons from the student body. Over the summer, the unified teams already seem to have made life-long friends with the other.

Another change around Wakonda School is the Eckert memorial giving visitors a reason to rest for a spell and perhaps embrace their lives with a bit more appreciation. Guidance counselor Cheryl Knudson, along with some helpful students, erected a wooden bench complete with a young shade tree, stepping stones, and landscaping to never forget the four Eckert children who tragically perished in a house fire last January.

Other remembrances of the Eckert children can be found in the new gym lobby with a clock that features all their pictures. The Wakonda Alumni Association donated the clock to the school.

Each staff member found a new sleek modern computer waiting on their desks when arriving last week. Updated software was installed for exciting student projects making technology another area of change for the new school year.

New teachers� faces and eager kindergarteners� remind the staff and student body how fun teaching and learning can be. As once again, the smell of chlorine-soaked hair has been replaced by crisp reading books and nutritious lunches for the 2005-06 school year.

New teachers� faces and eager kindergarteners� renew the staff and student body�s excitement about another school year.

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