Experience Works helps older people find jobs

Experience Works helps older people find jobs
While some workers are remaining in their jobs beyond the traditional retirement age, others are re-entering the job market. Some are coming out of retirement. Others have lost their jobs and cannot afford to retire. Still others, such as widows whose benefits have been depleted, are entering the job market for the first time. Virtually all of them are finding that the search for jobs is difficult.

For many older workers, the U.S. Department of Labor has a program that can offer much needed help � the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP).

SCSEP offers training and placement services to low-income Americans age 55 or older. In South Dakota, SCSEP is offered through Experience Works.

Through this program participants learn new job skills and are offered job search support through training positions at non-profit organizations and agencies, such as public libraries, schools and community centers.

Many employers recognize that older workers bring experience and talent to the workplace, and as the number of older workers continues to grow, many more employers will benefit from their skills.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of SCSEP. Experience Works recognizes and honors the important contributions that have been made through this program. As a partner to SCSEP, we will continue to promote the benefits of hiring older workers to employers in the state and, at the same time, help older workers find rewarding and stable employment.

On this 40th year of SCSEP, Experience Works salutes older workers and the employers that hire them. For more information, call 1-800-450-5627. In Clay and Union counties, contact Terry at the S.D. Career Center, 1024 W. Cherry Street, Vermillion, phone 677-6900.

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