Girls’ tennis team wins four varsity matches at Madison

Girls' tennis team wins four varsity matches at Madison
Madison 7, Vermillion 2

Varsity singles: Emily Johnson (M) def. Liz Day 10-1; Molly Johnson (M) def. Lindsay Morecraft 10-2; Kelsey Campbell (M) def. Dru Daniels 10-4; Shanon Skillman (V) def. Laura Niedent 10-6; Steph Cowman (V) def. Carolyn Hunter 10-3; and Katie Beck (M) def. Alicia Hesla 11-10 (7-3).

Doubles: M. Johnson/E. Johnson (M) def. Day/Morecraft 10-2; Campbell/Niedentl (M) def. Daniels/Skillman 10-1; and Hunter/Beck (M) def. Coleman/Hesla 10-4.

St. Thomas Moore � 7,

Vermillion � 2

Singles: Gail McIntyre (St) def. Day 10-0; Melissa Basham (St) def. Morecraft 10-0; Miranda Fees (St) def. Daniels 10-7; Skillman (V) def. Mackenzie Hrabe 10-7; Aisling Gould Hrabe (St) def. Cowman 10-3; and Hesla (V) def. Marin Plumb 11-10 (10-8).

Doubles: Basham/Fees def. Day/Morecraft 10-0; McIntyre/Hrabe def. Daniels/Skillman 10-2; Gould/Plumb def. Cowman/Hesla 10-5.

"We have gained more varsity wins, which is giving our team some confidence," said Coach Dan Hanson.

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