Homecoming drawing near at Wakonda

Homecoming drawing near at Wakonda Question: What do you get when you cross a G.I. Joe, a girl in her pajamas, a punk, a hillbilly, and a boy dressed in blue and white?

Answer: Wakonda's homecoming week.

Wakonda High School's homecoming week will begin on Monday, Sept. 19. This evening at 7:30 p.m. will play host to the 2005-06 coronation program. After the crowning of the king and queen, the crowd will gather round the bon fire to be lead in victory chants. Go Eagles.

All week long students and staff will be allowed to show their spirit by dressing up. Monday is G.I. Joe/Hunting; Tuesday � PJs; Wednesday � Punk; Thursday � Hillbilly; Friday � Blue and White Day. All week is hat week.

This year's theme for homecoming is Candy. All the students are rushing around scrounging up ideas for their floats to win first place in the parade.

The parade will begin on Friday, Sept. 23 at noon. Anyone wishing to enter a float must call Kim Johnston, Carol Mayer, or Dana White at school, 267-2644, and leave their name, company name or advertising details.

Throughout the week sports are scheduled as well. A cross country meet will be at Alcester-Hudson on Monday, Sept. 19. On Tuesday, Sept. 20, the Irene-Wakonda Eagles volleyball team will battle against the Baltic Bulldogs at Baltic. And on Thursday, the volleyball game will be at Avon.

The culminating event of the week, the football game, will start at 7 p.m. The Eagles will take on the Tea Titans at the Irene field.

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