Monitor pesticide label restrictions

Monitor pesticide label restrictions Producers should carefully consider label directions and restrictions when selecting any pesticide or herbicide for ground they plan on using for livestock feed, a South Dakota State University specialist said.

�We have been getting some questions on grazing following application of chemicals to control soybean aphids and bean leaf beetles,� SDSU Extension Beef Specialist Cody Wright said. �Pesticide treatments for soybean aphids and bean leaf beetle generally come with grazing restrictions. However, many of the most commonly used chemicals completely prohibit the use of treated ground for grazing and harvest of residue for livestock feed.�

The grazing and livestock feed restrictions for a given chemical are not always uniform for all crops, Wright added. It is not uncommon for a particular product to have completely different restrictions following application on corn than on soybeans.

Wright and SDSU Extension Sheep Specialist Jeff Held said all sheep and cattle producers should study label restrictions when deciding on pesticides to use on livestock ground.

For more information, including label restrictions, on pesticides commonly used for treatment of soybean aphids and bean leaf beetle, producers should consult the SDSU Extension Entomology Web site at

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