Officials warn of new identification theft scam

Officials warn of new identification theft scam
South Dakota Supreme Court Chief Justice David Gilbertson issues a warning to all citizens of South Dakota to prevent these types of identity thefts in this state. No court employee will ever call and ask you to submit personal information, including Social Security number information.�

Gilbertson said, "If any citizen gets a personal contact, phone call, e-mail or letter concerning jury duty which appears to be suspicious, do not give out any information.� Instead, if anyone receives such a contact from an individual claiming to be a state court employee, he or she should call the State Court Administrator's Office at 605-773-7001 to report the situation."�

Persons summoned for jury duty in South Dakota's state courts receive a questionnaire from their local Clerk of Court's office which they may complete and mail back or complete online at the South Dakota Unified Judicial System's Web site,, with the user ID and password provided to them by the clerk's office. They never receive a call from a court employee regarding jury duty asking for personal information by telephone.

All further information will be handled through the State Court Administrator's Office. Contact Deputy State Court Administrator Lynn Sudbeck at 605-773-7001.

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