Perry tapped as chair-elect of state higher ed officers

Perry tapped as chair-elect of state higher ed officers The executive director of the South Dakota Board of Regents is the new chair-elect of the State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO), and will become the group's chairman in 2006.

Robert T. Tad Perry was named chair-elect of the group�s executive committee at its annual meeting. SHEEO is a professional association of the higher education chief executives for 26 statewide governing boards and 30 coordinating boards. SHEEO helps states develop and sustain quality higher education systems by promoting strategic planning and statewide coordination and governance.

�SHEEO speaks as a national organization to promote the states� interests in effectively planning and financing higher education,� Perry said. �State funds account for about one-quarter of all higher education revenues, roughly twice the share of federal revenues.�

SHEEO established the National Commission on Accountability in Higher Education, which issued a report earlier this year on ways to improve higher education performance. Perry, who chaired SHEEO�s accountability committee, said the idea is to hold higher education accountable for its results.

�We need to focus more on state and national priorities, identify visible goals for improvement, and do a better job of assessing higher education�s performance,� Perry said.

Among its recommendations, the national commission suggested:

? Creating statewide data systems across all levels of education to better guide policy and budget decisions;

? Focusing on the critical transition students make between high school and college;

? Assessing how well college students learn through a variety of assessments; and

? Investing more in quality teaching at all levels of education.

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