Renaudin’s musical adventures

Renaudin's musical adventures
Have you ever thought about taking a vacation over seas? One of Wakonda's juniors, Jeanne Renaudin, got the chance to take a 20-day long trip to Europe.

Jeanne performed in a tri-state band and choir with other musical students from Minnesota, South Dakota, and Michigan. She also toured with a large group and met a lot of new people.

Renaudin enjoyed the Swiss Alps the most.

"The Swiss Alps were beautiful and the people in Champrey, Switzerland were so welcoming," she said.

She didn't like the traffic, especially in Paris. "There were places where there were no speed limits, and the double decker buses don't stop for you!" said Reanaudin. Perhaps the favorite part of her days were the three hours of free time a day to wander on her own.

Jeanne was in Seefeld, Austria during the London terrorist attack on July 7. Five days earlier she had gone through the very subway system that was bombed in London.

She said her father was worried sick and wished she would just come home. Jeanne said of the bombing, "We were heartbroken, but it (the bombing) didn't really affect us until we saw the airport security in Germany.

"I enjoyed being overseas; it's something everyone should get to do once. But I'm glad I'm home now," she said.

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