Tanagers’ 2005 homecoming a ‘bummer’ with 47-7 loss to West Central Trojans

Tanagers' 2005 homecoming a 'bummer' with 47-7 loss to West Central Trojans
The Trojans dominated the defense and capitalized on Tanager mistakes (two fumbles, one interception) and a run back of a punt.

Vermillion's defense was not enough to stop the steamroller, but came up with 65 tackles for the game.

Tanager leaders on defense were: Chris Taylor � 8 Ts; Kyle Hubert � 7; Mike Hanson � 6; Andrew Pier and Canka Wilch � 5 each; and Donny Stewart � 4; 17 other defensemen had at least one tackle.

First quarter

WCHS � Rob Lind, 3 yd. run (Tom Tripp kick) 6:49.

WCHS � Tom Tripp, 13-yd. run (kick failed) 2:17.

Second quarter

WCHS � Chad Morrison, 1-yd. run (Tom Tripp run) 0:42.

Third quarter

WCHS � Rob Lind, 21-yd. run (Tom Tripp kick) 6:56.

Fourth quarter

WCHS � Matt Ryan, 7-yd. run (kick failed) 10:44.

WCHS � Mychal Rechtenbaugh, 5-yd. run (Spencer Matson kick) 7:09.

VHS � Bobby Dykstra, 21-yd. pass from Reid Meierkort (Jose Nesselhuf kick) 4:49.

WCHS � Seth Hodges, 13-yd. run (kick failed) 1:47.

Individual rushing

Vermillion � Cody Hays rushed 6 times for 14 yds. Andrew Pier rushed 11 times for 11 yds. Jerrod Freidel rushed 5 times for 10 yds.

West Central � Tom Tripp rushed 12 times for 104 yds. and 1 TD. Chad Morrison rushed 16 times for 100 yds. and 1 TD. Matt Ryan rushed 7 times for 42 yds. and 1 TD. Rob Lind rushed 5 times for 36 yds. and 2 TDs. Seth Hodges rushed 2 times for 25 yds. and 1 TD.

Individual passing

Vermillion � Kyle Brunick completed 1 of 3 passes for 5 yds. and 1 interception. Reid Meierkort completed 2 of 3 passes for 69 yds. and 1 TD.

West Central ��Kyle Johnson completed 2 of 4 passes for 15 yds. Tom Tripp completed 0 of 1 pass for 0 yds.


Vermillion � Jackson Freidel caught 1 pass for 48 yds. Bobby Dykstra caught 1 pass for 21 yds. and 1 TD. Paul Hammond caught 1 pass for 5 yds.

West Central � Kelly Hofer caught 1 pass for 11 yds. Casey Haensel caught 1 pass for 4 yds.

"It was a very frustrating loss for our team as I felt we were really prepared for this game," said coach Gary Culver. "Unfortunately, we opened the floodgates for West Central very early when we allowed a punt to be returned very deep in our territory and then proceeded to fumble on the next offensive series. They capitalized on both of these miscues with touchdowns.

"The rest of the first half, we played them on fairly even terms, but gave up another score with just 42 seconds left in the half," he continued. "After they opened the second half with a long drive and converted for a touchdown the game was basically over.

"But we don't have time to dwell on this loss as we face a very tough opponent, the Beresford Watchdogs, on the road this week," Culver said. "They are always ready to play Vermillion and it will be especially tough on their home field. I know our team will get back on track and be ready to play on Friday night."

Vermillion's record is now 1-3 as they travel to Beresford. Kickoff is set for 7 p.m. at the Beresford Athletic Complex on Sept. 23.

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