Tennis team loses two in Mitchell Triangular

Tennis team loses two in Mitchell Triangular By Jim Prosser The Mitchell Kernels girls' tennis team held a triangular meet involving Rapid City Central and Vermillion on Tuesday, Aug. 23.

First match results: Vermillion � 0, Mitchell � 9.

Singles: Karmyn Hettinger (M) def. Liz Day 10-0; Laura Osterloo (M) def. Lindsay Morecraft 10-0; Brooke Cersosimo (M) def. Dru Daniels 10-0; Sarah Thompson (M) def. Shanon Skillman 10-1; Chauning Smith (M) def. Gabby Richard 10-0; and Catherine Patrick (M) def. Amanda Granaas 10-0.

Doubles: Hettinger/Osterloo def. Day/Morecraft 10-1; Cersosimo/Thompson def. Daniels/Skillman 10-0; Smith/Patrick def. Richard/ Granaas 10-1.

Second match results: RC Central � 9, Vermillion � 0. In the singles: Stephanie Schumacker (C) def. Day 10-0; Hallie Sims (C) def. Morecraft 10-4; Jenna NagalWyss (C) def. Daniels 10-1; Emly Raczynski (C) def. Skillman 10-7; Cassie Raczynski (C) def. Richard 10-1; and Lorena Reichert (C) def. Granaas 10-2.

Doubles: Schumacker/ Sims def. Day/Morecraft 10-2; C. Raczyski/Nagel def. Daniels/Skillman 10-3; Matheson/Holtzman def. Richard/Granaas 10-2.

�With each match all the girls will gain needed experience, which will give them more confidence as well as improving their skills,� said coach Dan Hanson.

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