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The Bluffs Bulletin Board
Tourney � third round

The team President's Cup tournament had its third round competition Sept. 22 between members, who were chosen by Captains Rusty Jensen and Eric Stevens, to play a two-man "scramble match play" format. Results of the nine-hole match play pairings were as follows:

Rick Haught/Cubs Bowker � def. 3 and 1� Jon Dimmick/Jay Hennies.

Floyd Bochee/Dave Raabe � def. 2 and 1 � Kurt Kuiper/Mark Tipton.

Ryan Baedke/Dave Carr � lost 1 up � Chris Mickelson/Greg Baedke.

Louis Creps/Mike Card � lost 1 up � Doug Robinson/Jere Chapman.

Harlan Schott/Don Harris � def. 2 and 1 � Mike Majeres/Mark Clark.

Bob Boone/Rusty Jensen � tied � Mike Wettstein/ Eric Stevens.

T. Christopherson/Don Scheidel � def. 1 up � Brian Steele/Harland Durkin.

Gary Prosser/Ron Johnson � def. 1 up � Scott Isaak/Ellis Jensen.

Team scores after the third round: Jensen � 14; Stevens � 10.

The final round will be "singles" on Sept 29.

Senior golfers

battle wind

Thirty seniors gathered on Sept. 27 to play the back nine at The Bluffs and battle the wind. Scores showed that the wind won out over the best efforts of the seniors this date.

Our winning team of Mo Marcotte, Alan Clem and Ron Turner managed to turn in a hard-earned par score of 36. Congratulations. In second place at 37 we find Turk Pilker, Jack Stewart and Dick Kellogg. A trio of 40s was turned in by Harlan Schott, Jim Reed and Howard Connors, followed by Joe Conroy, Van Pierce, Tim O'Connor and Guy Button and finally Ken Beringer, Dave Zimmer and Dick Gregory.

The other teams had either scores of 41 or 42. Very close competition from first to last this date.

The seniors were reminded that in October we change our starting time to Tuesday afternoons for the remainder of the season. The plans call for a seniors' lunch at noon with tee time to follow at 1:15 p.m. each Tuesday. Please pass the word � golf at 1:15 p.m. on Oct. 4.

Our shot-of-the-day special award goes to Dick Kellogg for his 61-foot par putt on #11. Great shot, Dick.

Wednesday Ladies

enjoy activities

There were 25 ladies at luncheon. Desserts were provided by Pat Pratt and Pat Steckelberg.

We had a guest: Tasha Luens (granddaughter to Helen Brown).

Golfers played Guess Your Score. Winners were either 1 lower or 1 above their guess ? good going girls! Winners are Fritz Lefler, Mary Lea Hennies, Joan Holter, and Darlene Engbrecht.

Golfers are still welcome to golf on Wednesday morning starting at 9 a.m. in October. In May 2006, we will start the first Wednesday at 9 a.m. See you then.

Dominoes report: A great afternoon of Progressive Dominoes was played by 12 people at four tables. Peggy Mollett won the math award with the high score while Barb Boone was overall low and had two very impressive low quarter-rounds. Other low quarter-round winners were Babe Hurowitz, Karine Amundsen, Vaneta Youngworth, Linda Thaden, and Mary Lea Hennies.

The rest of the players just enjoyed the companionship and laughter.

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