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The Bluffs Bulletin Board
good scores

On Tuesday, Sept. 20, a fine turn out of 36 seniors played the front 9. Good scores were turned in to the club house. Ten birdies were reported, along with several good drives and putts.

Low score (a 35) was brought in by Harlan Schott, Ron Brown, Quentin Oleson and Norm Erickson.

Next at 36 was Jerry Sommervold, Ray Lynn, and Louie Fostvedt.

Three teams at 38 won prizes. First Dale Ende and Ross King; followed by Russ Hinkle, Don Baer and Howard Connors; and then Don Young, Van Pierce and Jim Grabowski.

Winning with a 39 score were the teams of Elmer Mount, Gene Iverson and Jack Stewart; Vern Holter, Ken Beringer and Joe Conroy; and finally Mo Marcotte, Bob Kast and Dave Zimmer.

Three long birdie putts qualify for shots of the day. Howard Connors sank a 30-foot birdie putt on #6, Ken Beringer made a 34-foot birdie putt on #5, and Van Pierce claimed a 40-foot birdie putt on #9.

Our four visitors from Beresford brought another with them today. Visitors are always welcome.

Next week, same time � same place.

Men's President's

Cup Tournament

Second round, Sept. 15:

The team President's Cup Tournament had its second round competition between members who were chosen by captains Rusty Jensen and Eric Stevens, to play a two-man "alternate shot" format. Results of the nine-hole match play pairings were as follows:

Rick Haught/Romney Jones def. Mike Meijerus/Greg Baedke.

Don Harris/Dave Raabe def. Jon Dimmick/Mark Tipton.

Brent Yager/Harlan Schott def. Harland Durkin/Ellis Jensen.

Bob Bowker/Tim Christopherson lost to Jay Hennies/Mark Clark.

Floyd Bochee/Gary Prosser lost to Doug Robinson/Brian Steele.

Kurt Kuiper/Bob Boone lost to Ron Johnson/David Carr.

Mike Card/Rusty Jensen lost to Jere Chapman/Eric Stevens.

Ryan Baedke/Don Scheidel lost to Chris Mikkelson/Mike Wettstein.

Team scores after the second round: Jensen � 8.5; Stevens � 7.5.

Wednesday Ladies

enjoy activities

Twenty were served. Barb Boone and Pat Bergland made desserts. There was participation in both golf and dominoes.

Progressive dominoes had three tables with Barb Larson low for the day while

Rula Hatch managed to hit the high numbers. Darlene Engbrecht had a perfect round of zero for four hands making her the fantastic player of the week. Other awards went to Barb Boone, Lynette Spencer and Ann Stewart for winning low rounds.

I was on vacation and I received only the results of the Ladies Sept. 7 activity.

The lady golfers showed up but so did the lightning and thunder with a dash of rain. This frightened away all but two golfers. True to golfing were Pat Berglund and Carol Bond.

There were 16 ladies for luncheon and dominoes. Thelma Raines and Peggy Mollett served desserts and game treats.

Winners of the dominoes progressive Mexican train were Eileen Turner with low, Peggy Mollett with high. Babe Hurowitz, Barb Larson and Ardyce Meisenholder had the lowest rounds.

A special thanks to Barb Larson for donating all the trains and another domino set for our games.

The thought for the day from Mary Bartels: Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside.

Thank you Mary for helping me with the updates.

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