The Bluffs Bulletin Board

The Bluffs Bulletin Board
Tuesday, Sept. 20

Senior Men's Fun League plays today!

8:30 a.m. � Registration with coffee and donuts.

9:30 a.m. � Shotgun start.

11:30 a.m. � Lunch and prizes (time approximate).

Noon � Open golf (make your own tee times).

Thursday, Sept. 22

2 p.m. � Men's day, open golf.

2:30 p.m. � Presidents' cup tourney, second round.

3 p.m. � Check for tee-off times arranged by league officers and/or pro shop attendants.

Saturday, Sept. 24

USD Intramurals.

Derby night

for W.E.L.L.

The Wednesday Evening Ladies League closed out its scheduled season with our Derby Night. While not too many women were able to come out, those that did had a raucous good time.

For those unfamiliar with the Derby format, the players are paired by handicap � a low handicap player with a high handicap player. We then go out in groups to play. This year we went out in two groups, one starting on hole #1, one group starting on #6. Everyone drives. From there the play is alternate shot into the cup. The twosome with the highest score drops out after each hole. In case of a tie there is a "chip-off" with the remaining team(s) choosing the spot from which the teams chip. The team whose player chips closest to the pin gets to stay in play for another hole (at least). The job of the players that are sidelined is to heckle those players remaining.

The winning pair from the group starting on hole #1 was Susan Oberle and Nancy Scheidel. The winning pair from hole #6 start was Jennifer Steele and Peggy Donnelly. Jennifer and Peggy got to eliminate Kathy Merrigan-Manning twice as, with an odd number of players this year, Kathy was paired with two other to play as teammates with. This proved to be too many swings for Kathy and her partners.

After emerging triumphant from their groups the Oberle/Scheidel and Steele/Donnelly pairs were reunited on hole #1 to play for the Derby championship against one another. Twelve other teams followed along to heckle, interfere, cheer and imbibe. Susan hit a tremendous drive down #1. Peggy and Jennifer also hit good drives, just not as far. Nancy took advantage of Susan's drive to put their second shot on the green. Jennifer, hitting Peggy's drive, also put her team on the green. Now it came down to putting (doesn't it always?). Emerging with the win, by one stroke when Jennifer went cold, were Susan and Nancy who withstood the heckling and putted into a ring of golfers standing guard at the hole.

To make the return from the #1 green more interesting, each player on each of the seven teams put up $1 to play for on hole #9 as we progressed into the clubhouse. It was a tight race down to the green but, winning (again by one stroke) were Susan O. and Nancy S. This despite having a cup in the cup while Susan putted for par. With their winnings the pair was willing to treat all players to water in the clubhouse. What big spenders!

Inside the clubhouse a number of other prizes were given away by random drawing. Winning these were Ann Jensen, Lynette Wulff, Ruby Plate, Nancy Scheidel, Susan Oberle and LeeAnn Safar. Nace said to say nothing about what she got so we won't. A good time was had by all.

President's Cup

first round results

The team President's Cup tournament had its first round competition between members, who were chosen by captains Rusty Jensen and Eric Stevens, to play a two man "Chapman" format.

Results of the nine-hole match play pairings were as follows:

Rick Haught/Don Harris tied with Jon Dimmick/Greg Baedke.

David Carr/Don Scheidel defeated Mike Wettstein/ Mike Majerus.

Floyd Bochee/Brent Yager lost to Kurt Kuiper/Mark Tipton.

Romney Jones/Harlan Schott lost to Harland Durkin/Doug Robinson.

Tim Christopherson/ Gary Prosser defeated Ron Johnson/Mark Clark.

Bob Bowker/Bob Boone defeated Jay Hennies/Ellis Jensen.

Mike Card/Dave Raabe defeated Jere Chapman/ Danny Johnson.

Ryan Baedke/Rusty Jensen defeated Chris Mikkelson/Eric Stevens.

Team scores after first round: Jensen � 5.5; Stevens � 2.5.

Seniors shower

Bluffs with birdies

The clouds threatened early on Sept. 12 with showers making golf a big "iffy." There were 23 seniors including Buzz Richardson, an excellent left hander, who hit the course and were rewarded when the showers ceased and golfers responded with good scores.

There were eight birdies recorded and the average score was a fine 37.5 on our back nine par 36. Good golf, seniors!

Two teams led the scoring with rounds of 35, one under par. The team of Mo Marcotte, Ron Brown and Jack Stewart placed first with Buzz Richardson, a guest, Don Baer and Guy Button second based on the tie-breaker system.

Our other prize winners had 37s with Harlan Schott, Gene Iverson and Howard Connors edging Turk Pilker, Van Pierce and Dave Zimmer again using the tie-breaker system.

Our shot-of-the-day nominees for this date are Harlan Schott for a chip-in birdie shot on #13 and Turk Pilker for his 39-foot par putt on #13. Seems that 13 was a lucky number this date.

Senior play will resume on Tuesday, Sept. 20 with tee time at 9:30 a.m. sharp. See you at The Bluffs.

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