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The Bluffs Bulletin Board
Weekly Report

The league championship was held on Thursday, Sept. 1 pitting Bluffs Boys against Americlean.

In a very close contested match, Bluffs Boys prevailed 12-10. The individual scores for the winners were: Gary Prosser (38, net 33); Tim Christopherson (39, net 34); Ron Johnson (42, net 35); and Mark Clark (36, net 32). For Americlean � Derrick Brown (35, net 33); Scott Isaak (42, net 36); Mike Majerous (42, net 35); and Mike Billiet (38, net 34). While the championship was on, several of the league teams competed in a "winner take all" scramble. The winning team of this competition was First Bank & Trust which carded a 29!

Calendar of events

Monday, Sept. 12

Senior Men�s Fun League special play today!

8:30 a.m. � Registration with coffee and donuts.

9:30 a.m. � Shotgun start.

11:30 a.m. � Lunch and prizes (time approximate).

Noon � Open golf (make your own tee times).

Tuesday, Sept. 13

South Dakota Retailers outing.

1 p.m. � Shotgun start.

Thursday, Sept. 15

2:30 p.m. � Men�s day, open golf.

Presidents� cup tourney.

3 p.m. � Check for tee-off times arranged by league officers and/or pro shop attendants.

Friday, Sept. 16

9 a.m. � Vermillion High School Invitational.

3 p.m. � USD Intramural tournament.

Saturday, Sept. 17

Bluffs Men and Ladies Club Tournament. Tee off times and pairings arranged by pro shop staff.

Last night of

competitive play for W.E.L.L. this season

August 31 was the last night of competitive play for this golf season. With 18 teams, and no weeks taken out for a fun night, it appeared that the parings would be a rematch of one that had occurred earlier in the summer. To make things a bit more interesting, the teams were paired by their standings in the league at that point. That is, the team with the most points, with one week remaining (Bertha�s Babes), was paired with the team with the next highest total (Dew Whoppers), and so on down the list. Here was a chance for the teams to change their place in the standings by going head to head with their nearest competitors. The night turned out to be beautiful, if a bit windy (what else is new in S.D.) as we played the back nine. (P.S. � Dew Whoppers took all five points and tied Bertha�s Babes for first place.)

There were also pin prizes to be had. Ruby Plate won a pin prize for the closest third shot on #10. Her partner, Joanne Ustad, won a prize for an awesome longest putt on #18. Joanne sank a long (no one measured that told me) putt from up on top of the second tier of the green to a hole down in the front of the lower tier. She did a dance of joy as the saga was related to the crowd. The third pin prize went to Susan Oberle for being closest to the pin on #17 (check the birdie list below to see for yourself how that turned out). Mary Kaye Zimmerman won the Quackson drawing.

The back nine is always more challenging than the front, it seems. The scores this week attest to that once again. The low gross this week was shot by Mona Bye with a 40 (now, don�t get me wrong, that is a good score, just not as good as we have seen shot on the front nine). Mona also came close to having the low net with a 32 (40-8), as did Peggy Donnelly with a 33 (49-16). However, Nikki Peters took the honors with a 29 (51-22). There were also birdies shot by three golfers. Nikki Erickson birdied #14 while Nace Huska birdied #18. Kathy Merrigan-Manning birdied #11 with a chip in from 50 yards out. Nice shot!

It was apparently an edgy night for some golfers. Judy Hanson spent the night on the edge. That is, she couldn�t quite get her putts to drop over the edge into the hole. They just kind of flirted with that edge and drove Judy crazy(ier). Meanwhile Nace played from the edge. She had her putts going in as she stood towards the periphery of the greens. Terry Meierkort had such a rough night she was awarded the consolation prize. She spent her time chasing balls into and out of the sand and the other lateral hazards. Hopefully the flowers will cheer her up.

Officers were also elected for the next season. Despite the fact that all of us (except Sue French) were there for this to protect ourselves, the current slate of officers was swept back into office for another season. It was not clear if we did a great job and it was a desire for us to continue our winning ways, or we did such a poor job that they plan to leave us in these offices until we get it right. Either way, the officers for next season are: President � Joanne Ustad; Vice President � Sue French; Treasurer � Jennifer Steele; Statistician � Darlis LaBahn; Secretary � Robin Miskimins.

Threat of rain

can�t stop Seniors

Tuesday, Sept. 6, brought out 36 seniors in spite of threat of rain. The rain stayed away, but the scores were not real good. We welcomed three men from Beresford again, but a number of the locals did not appear � perhaps the Labor Day weekend was too much for them.

Low score with a 36 was Mo Marcotte, Ross King and Jack Stewart. Next at 37 was Bob Solomon, Gene Iverson and Dave Zimmer.

Two teams came in with a 39. First was Harlan Schott, Cleland Cook and Quentin Oleson; followed closely by

Elmer Mount, Ken Beringer and Louie Fostvedt.

A 40 score was recorded for Roger Kozak, Van Pierce and Howard Connors.

This week two teams got prizes for a 42. First �

Shorty Hanson, Dick Gregory and Jim Grabowski; last � Jerry Johnson, Ron Brown and Jack Doyle.

Shot of the day goes to Ken Beringer for a 33-foot birdie putt on #8 which was one of the four birdies made today. Another good put was made by Ted Van Bruggen � a 45-foot par put.

Howard Connors was back from his trip. He reminded everyone that next week we golf Monday morning, not the regular Tuesday.

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