VMS seventh-grade volleyball match rejoinders

VMS seventh-grade volleyball match rejoinders
On Sept. 8, vs. Dakota Valley in the National Guard Armory, the White team, comprised of VanDenHul, Cafruny, Johnson, Zimiga, Tietz, Sorensen, and Bye, won 2-1. The Black team lost 1- 2 (Ragothaman, Elle, Zimiga, Noteboom, Thompson, and Johnson). The Red team lost 2-0 (Bye, Huska, Martensen, Prinsen, Syzmonski, and Covill).

The next competition was the EP/J invitational on Sept. 10 in Elk Point. The first opponent was Dakota Valley who fell to the Red team (Syzmonski, Bye, Huska, Martensen, Prinsen, Soren-sen, and Covill), 2-1. The second match pitted the basically White team, against Alcester and a 2-1 win. Starters for the team were VanDenHul, Zimiga, Smith, Tigert, Elle, and Cafruny. The third match had a Vermillion team mixture against Akron which resulted in a 2-0 loss. Team members playing in the match were Elle, Bye, Winkler, Smith, Ragothaman, Huska, Sorensen, Martensen, Thomson, Covill, and Syzmonski.

On Sept. 13, the seventh graders faced Lennox in the Chancellor gym, and came away with a DH win. The White team was Tigert, Zimiga, Winkler, Elle, Noteboom, Ragothaman, Tietz, Thomson, Cafruny, Covill, and Smith. The Red team had a 2-1 victory (Syzmonski, Bye, Sorensen, Prinsen, Huska, and Smith).

"Our White team played very well for their 2-0 win. After the Red team won the first game 25-18, in the final match we lost the second game 21-25, but kept our composure and won the tie breaker 15-10," said coach Mayer.

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