Volleyball team opens with big win at EP/J

Volleyball team opens with big win at EP/J
"The girls worked hard but, from this game we found we still have plenty of work to do and many improvements to make," said coach Leah Bakke.

The junior varsity won 2-0, by 25-19, 25-19. Individual players for the match: Leading attacks � Stacy Bottolfson 3 kills, 2 assists, 4 POS, 3 aces; Rachel Odens � 3 blocks. She also had 2 assists, 2 kills, 3 POS, and 2 aces; DeNell Dykstra � 3 POS, 2 aces; Raychel Lorenz � 6 assists, 2 POS; Sara Bye � 4 POS, 1 ace.

Head coach Lenni Billberg was happy with the varsity's performance.

"This was a great opening for the Red Ladies! Everyone played above expectation, setting a high tone for the season ahead. Defense, defense, defense, is our key for the future," she said.

In the match � Michelle Olson registered 7B. Ariel Hofman � 12 POS, 2 aces, 11 D; Krista Froke � 9 K; Kinsey Weydert � 16 assists, 7 POS, 10 D; Nicole Orr � 12 D; Brittney Babb � 6 B, 2 K; Paige Prosser � 2 B, 4 K, 5 POS.

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