Wakonda students get involved with local theatre

Wakonda students get involved with local theatre True, Wakonda High School is big on sports; it takes pride in its wins and achievements. However, it doesn't offer many of the arts. Where does this leave the students interested in the arts?

As most people know, Yankton has its Dakota Theater, located on Walnut Street. Two students and one teacher from Wakonda School have participated in a few of the productions showing there.

Courtney Nelson, a WHS junior, was in the shows Oliver and The Odd Couple that previewed there.

"Never have I met so many awesome people in one place; these people were amazing and I still remain friends with them to this day." said Nelson.

Mackenzie Huber, a fifth-grader, also participated in the newest show, Charlotte's Web.

"It was interesting to see how everyone got ready for shows and how they built the sets. I met so many nice people at theater and it was a lot of fun," said Huber.

The new production Dracula is showing on Oct. 28-30. Ms. White, Wakonda High School special education teacher, is assistant director of the play.

"Assistant director is much more different from director because you don't have to do much work," she said. "I just give my input and if they like it, they like it, if not, then not."

Ms. White said she was shy before she started acting and when she became comfortable with the people she was more open and outgoing onstage and off.

Studies show that kids are more comfortable in meeting new people when they participate in the arts, especially theater and ballet.

So join a theater company in your local area or just do some acting at your school.

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