Winners announced for WHS homecoming

Winners announced for WHS homecoming
The winners for GI Joe are Tiffany Ganshow and Ashley Anderson for being the best dressed. Pajama Day winners are Cassie Skjonsberg and Brian Steffen for looking like they were about to fall asleep. Best achieving the theme on Punk Day are Jesse Gullikson and Jeanne Renaudin.

Winners for Hillbilly Day are Rob Gregoire, Brittany Rederick, Adrianne Logue, Brian Steffen and Jesse Gullikson. Congratulations to you all!

The winners get a pop at the end of the day as a reward for the being the best dressed.

The winners for the Wakonda Homecoming Parade, starting with elementary were, in third place, the sixth grade with their entry: "Those nerds don't stand a chance." Second place goes to the second grade, "No life savers tonight. Beat the Titans." And first place goes to the fourth grade and, "The Titans have butterfingers."

In the junior high and high school divisions, third place went to the freshmen and their entry, "The Titans are bunch of airheads."

Second place went to the seniors, with, "It's Amazing the Titans came back for s'more." First place went to the seventh grade with, "The Eagles will crunch the Titans."

With the War of the Bands, Gayville came in third place along with the Irene Marching Band which received second place.

Wakonda's very own, led by Shelly Jensen won first place this year at homecoming. Congratulations!

The community awards were a tough decision for the judges as there were so many of them, Third place was the Wakonda Heritage Manor with "Send 'em to the Milky Way." Followed by T.J's entry � "We want a sweet victory" � received second place. First place honors went to Magic Touch Photography and their entry, "Eagles will kick the Titans to the Milky Way."

The football game against the Tea Titans was excellent. The Irene-Wakonda Eaglesdefeated the Titans 26-14. The next football game will be against Gayville-Volin at Gayville. Kickoff is at 7 p.m.

Once more, congratulations to all who participated in the Wakonda homecoming parade and homecoming week at Wakonda High School.

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