BF-LF seeks youth & adults

BF-LF seeks youth & adults
A request has been made for adult mentors and youth matches in the Irene/ Wakonda area. Adult volunteers must be 18 years old, and will be background checked prior to matches. Youth that would like to sign up should be between 5-17 years old, and matches strive to spend two hours per week with their mentors.

Big Friends-Little Friends is a non profit organization whose mission is to match youth in Clay and Union counties. Adult volunteers from neighboring counties may sign up for a match in this area as well.

The program's Web site features an e-mail form of the applications, and it is available at

Click on the volunteer header, scroll to the bottom, and both adult and youth applications may be downloaded and printed out, or emailed to

For more details on being a mentor, call John Gille, program director, at 1-605-356-2571 or cell 1-605-421-5050. Mentoring helps everyone involved, so consider signing up a youth, or being a volunteer today.

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