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Clubs and Organizations
Liberal arts topic of Rotary

The Vermillion Rotary Club held its weekly luncheon meeting Oct. 25 at the Neuharth Center on the campus of USD. President Mercy Hobbs presided and the invocation was given by Rev. Robert Grossmann. Two Vermillion High School students, Patrick Farrens and Kyle Brunick, were among the guests. Other guests were Andy Palmer of Chicago, the Rev. Frank Dong of the Canadian Reformed Church, and Kevin Haselhorst of First Dakota.

The program featured Dr. Matthew Moen, dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at USD. His presentation dealt with the problem of the shrinking attention paid to a liberal arts education in our society, not to be confused with liberal politics. Dr. Moen emphasized that liberal learning remains critical in the education of our youth.

Many of our educational institutions have begun speaking in the language of educating for a job instead of imparting the ability to think critically, write and speak.

In 2002, The University of South Dakota pledged to promote liberal arts education using interdisciplinary learning. Some schools have taken the approach of increasing student head count, as opposed to the desire to share knowledge with students to prepare them for a life of learning. The concepts learned in the classroom apply to daily life while specifics may fade away or need to be replaced.

Dr. Moen questions the policy maker's stress on education for jobs as opposed to education for the enrichment of the lives of students. Students are not customers of educational institutions. They are individuals with a need to learn to keep alive their intellectual vigor as they face the future.

Ladies Auxiliary meets Oct. 18

The regular meeting of the Ladies Auxiliary to Clay Post #3061 was held Tuesday evening, Oct. 18 with President Delores Gregg presiding. Roll call of officers were taken and recorded. Chaplain Opal Smith offered the opening prayer. Conductress Marjorie Christensen escorted District #1 President Shirley Christensen to the head table.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. Motion made and seconded to approve treasurer's report as printed subject to audit. Thank you notes were read from Doris Winters family and Mary Berglund of the Food Pantry for our food donation to them for a Make a Difference Day.

Reports were given on bingo playing at Vermillion Care Center, Americanism Chairman Dorothy Lane's request for awards for Patriots Pen Essay Contest, Buddy Poppy report by Donna Schafer, Membership, Cancer, Legislative, Sympathy Card Mailed, Hospice, Ways and Means Raffle, Civic Council, Hospital Equipment on Loan.

Monetary amounts will be paid to Voice of Democracy winners, Operation Uplink, Department Presidents Project and State Fair VFW Booth. Audit report for July, August and September 2005 was approved. District #1 President Shirley Christensen spoke to us on various programs and information she received at fall council and she presented our Auxiliary with a gift and Delores Gregg, our president, presented her with a gift.

Meeting adjourned to reopen on Nov. 15.

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