CorTrust celebrates 75th anniversary

CorTrust celebrates 75th anniversary
CorTrust Bank, serving 16 communities in eastern, southern and northern South Dakota, will be 75 years strong Oct. 30. The bank, originally, Live Stock State Bank, was founded in Artesian back in 1930.

The Hopkins family took over controlling interest in 1961. The Hopkins family maintains controlling interest today and a third generation of the Hopkins family, Jack Hopkins, is president. Boyd Hopkins is chairman of the board. The bank changed it name to CorTrust in July of 1993 and became a national bank in 1999.

CorTrust has continually grown through the years, now with 23 branches located in Yankton, Vermillion, Gayville, Tabor, Freeman, Sioux Falls, Mitchell, Artesian, Letcher, Mt. Vernon, Webster, Bowdle, Pierpoint, Arlington, Leola, and Aberdeen. The bank has also expanded its services with the addition of CorTrust Mortgage, CorInsurance and a large Credit Card Company that is headquartered in Mitchell.

The continued growth and success of the bank is its continued philosophy that South Dakotans have made it all possible, thus the slogan: South Dakota to the "Cor!"







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