Dairy production on Oct. 30 Today’s Ag

Dairy production on Oct. 30 Today's Ag
Dairy production in South Dakota will be a topic Oct. 30 on Today's Ag.

Today's Ag managing editor and host Carrie Law said South Dakota State University Extension Dairy Specialist Alvaro Garcia will discuss the state of the industry and will also talk about the different forms dairy expansion can take.

Also on the show, SDSU Extension Risk and Business Management Specialist Matt Diersen looks at fall cattle price trends.

SDSU Extension's Dan Oedekoven and Kari Fruechte tell how small towns are working to improve their communities through leadership and economic development.

Learn more about ag issues by visiting the Today's Ag Web site at http://www.todaysag.com/ for links to other stories about global agriculture.

Today's Ag is a weekly half-hour news show about agriculture and rural life. The show features unbiased, science-based information from land grant universities in the Midwest, and is produced by South Dakota State University Cooperative Extension.

Check local listings to learn when the program is on in your area.

Today's Ag is the only TV program in the nation backed by major land grant universities.

, including Iowa State University, North Dakota State University, Oklahoma State University, South Dakota State University, and the University of Nebraska.

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