Dial 5-1-1 before driving this winter

Dial 5-1-1 before driving this winter
Gov. Mike Rounds urges South Dakotans to remember to drive safely and to call 5-1-1 during this winter season.

� South Dakotans should always do the following when traveling during the winter season:

? Call 5-1-1 before traveling.

? travel during the day.

? travel with others.

? keep others informed of your schedule and route.

? stay on main roads.

"South Dakotans should not be surprised by winter storms and extreme cold weather," said Kristi Turman, OEM director. Travelers should call 5-1-1 before leaving on a trip for up-to-date road conditions and weather reports for South Dakota's highways and several surrounding states.

"Many people don't realize this 5-1-1 service is free from any cell phone or land-line. Winter Weather Preparedness Week gives us all an opportunity to prepare for extreme weather conditions and evaluate whether our families, homes and vehicles are truly ready when winter weather hits," Turman said.

Visit http://oem.sd.gov/p ublications/weather/2005_winter.pdf for the entire 2005 Winter Weather Preparedness Handbook and additional winter weather information.

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