Director of clinical psychology appointed to state board

Director of clinical psychology appointed to state board
Dr. Barbara A. Yutrzenka, director of the Clinical Psychology Training Program at The University of South Dakota has been appointed by the governor to serve a three year term on the South Dakota Board of Examiners of Psychologists.

The Board of Examiners of Psychologists consists of seven members, two of whom are lay members. The remaining five members are psychologists licensed pursuant to state law for a minimum of two years. All the members of the board are appointed by the governor.�

The main goal of the board is to protect the public by regulating the professionals it licenses.�In this capacity, the Board reviews the credentials of individuals who seek licensure as psychologists in the state to ensure that they meet the standards set forth by South Dakota law and to examine them for their familiarity with ethics codes and state laws pertaining to the practice of psychology.� The board also reviews and rules on complaints brought against licensed psychologists in the state.

Yutrzenka received her bachelor's degree from Wake Forest University and her master's degree and doctor of philosophy from the University of North Dakota.�She joined the faculty at The U as an assistant professor of psychology in 1984.�She is currently a professor in the psychology department and directs South Dakota's only American Psychological Association accredited doctoral program in clinical psychology.�Throughout her distinguished career at The U, Yutrzenka has been recognized for her excellence as a teacher and advisor, has served as a consultant on professional ethics concerns in the state and region, and has an extensive record of professional presentations and publications in her discipline.��







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