Elk Point celebrates progress on new street

Elk Point celebrates progress on new street
The Dunham Company's Country Club Estates, located on the southwest outskirts of Elk Point, has just received a big boost.

A substantial amount of work has been done on Country Club Drive, a new street that gives residents of Country Club Estates a new, more direct route to the city of Elk Point.

Community leaders, including Don Dunham Jr. and other officials of the Dunham Company, general contractors John Herrity and Mitch Herrity, and Elk Point Mayor Isabel Trobaugh took part in a ribbon-cutting ceremony last week hosted by the Elk Point Economic Development Corporation.

Eight-tenths of a mile of the street has been completed, with new curb, gutter, sewer and water utilities. Not all of the new street has received its asphalt surfacing yet.

Without the development of the street, residents of Country Club Estates would have had to continue traveling on 477th Street, known as the interstate by-pass.

"It is a very busy and commercial street; we usually have a lot of truck hauling as well as heavy traffic for the needs of a residential area (on 477th Street)," said Patricia Curry, a licensed salesperson with Dunham Residential Real Estate.

"We're all within the city limits, but the housing development is within four blocks from the school," Curry said. "That's a very big, very young housing development, and kids are our thing out there."

The new street, she said, is "a big help to the residents out there as far as them being able to connect with the city. Now we're finding a lot of the community that lives in the southern part of town has a faster, easier way to exit the city on Country Club Drive."

The new street borders several blocks of new homes built by The Dunham Company, and also a large chunk of vacant ground waiting for development.

"There are over 106 lots potentially that could open up," Curry said.

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