Freshman football team ends season 1-4 with loss

Freshman football team ends season 1-4 with loss
Thursday, Oct. 13, the freshman football team learned a very important lesson, regarding the foibles of game results, when they found a 22-8 lead with less than five minutes is not enough to assure a victory at the Coplan field in Canton.

After building a 22-16 lead with a touchdown on a four-yard run by Andrew Eidem and a 2-point conversion by Mike Oberle, there were 4:41 minutes on the clock. Then the "roof collapsed" on the Tanagers as the kickoff was returned for a TD. After the ensuing kick, a safety made the final 24-22 win for the C-Hawks.

Vermillion's offense: Tyler Johnson completed 7 passes in 17 attempts for a 69 total yardage, as receivers Tyler Steele (2 for 29 yards), Oberle (2 for 10), and Eidem (2 for 29) were the aerial show. In the rushing category, Eidem went 64 yards on 16 carries with 2 TDs; and Oberle had 15 carries for 59 yards and a TD and 2 point conversion.

The Tanager freshmen put forth a spirited effort defensively, with the following tackle results: Oberle � 12, 2 QB sacks; Eidem � 10, one sack; Johnson � 5, 1 pass breakup; Chris Cameron recovered a fumble.

"Our kids played hard for the whole game," said coach Jason Huska. "This was our goal going into the game. A couple bad breaks happened late which took the win away from us. Our season record (1 win, 4 losses) may not indicate it, but we did our best and improved each game. Coach Cameron and I are proud of this."

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