FSA Notes

FSA Notes
Loan Deficiency Payments (LDP's) for 2005 Crop

On Oct. 13, there was a 42 cent LDP on corn and the PCP for soybeans is only 19 cents over the loan rate. Please make sure you have filed the paperwork prior to losing beneficial interest in the grain.

The new CCC-633 EZ has been designed to simplify the LDP process and allows producers to indicate intentions to receive LDP before loss of beneficial interest AND allows producers to submit an LDP request for benefits at any time during the loan/LDP availability period. This new form does not change or negate the 2005 crop form CCC-709 that most producers signed during crop reporting, it only adds one more measure to ensure that all producers receive the benefits they have coming.

Provisions of CCC-633 EZ (page 1)

You will receive benefits based on the EARLIER OF:

? The date beneficial interest is lost in the commodity (sold, fed, etc.).

? The date you request LDP payment.

Page 1 only needs to be completed once per crop year and covers all eligible commodities in all counties designated.

Operators: Make sure you and your owners have completed and returned the CCC-709 "field direct LDP" and/or the new CCC-633 EZ (page 1) form(s) to our office before you harvest or losing beneficial interest in the grain!!

Clay County Committee Election

This year LAA #1 will be holding an election to select a county committee representative. LAA #1 consists of Star, Bethel, Meckling and Spirit Mound townships. Nominees are Brenda Brue, James Logue, Peggy Nelsen and Marvin Walz.

Ballots will be mailed to all eligible voters Nov. 4. If you don't receive a ballot within two weeks, notify the county office. Ballots must be completed, signed and returned to the Clay County FSA office, or postmarked, by Dec. 5. Ballots will be counted on Dec. 8.

The County Committee keeps farmers informed and oversees the administration of FSA programs on the local level. They keep the State FSA Committee informed of local weather and crop conditions and recommend needed changes in farm programs. Get involved, vote!

Open House for Mary White

Mary White, program technician, will be retiring on Oct. 31. The Clay County FSA Office will be holding an open house on Thursday, Oct. 27, from 1 to 4 p.m. in honor of her 22 years of service to the Clay County producers.

We wish Mary well in her retirement and we will greatly miss her sense of humor, knowledge and great work ethic. Please join us in wishing Mary a wonderful and blessed retirement.

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