Poor Planning?

To the editor:

We proudly purchased our first home eight years ago in a quiet and friendly neighborhood on the edge of town. We quickly made new friends and soon added another daughter and two dogs to our humble dwelling. We have asked ourselves if a move to a larger home or different neighborhood would be to our advantage.

Then we look outside and see our neighbors; two Coyote football players teaching our young daughters how to do flips on our trampoline, and we wonder what a summer would be like without a nightly game of kickball. The answer then became clear; we stay.

As I stand out on my deck watching trucks move dirt, mountains grow higher and walls rising, I do not fear Wal-Mart. It will be good for Vermillion; a town I have loved since I was a 17 year old college student. I am satisfied with the promise of our city leaders to provide a buffer of apartments and homes between my home and Wal-Mart.

This week, a meeting was scheduled by Vermillion's Planning Commission to discuss a zoning change from Residential (our "buffer of home and apartments") to B1-business. Eleven concerned citizens arrived, but only three members of the planning commission showed up: two members short of a quorum, meeting canceled. The reason given was that too many members were occupied with Columbus/Native American Day.

No one wants a business built across the street from their home. There are other areas of Vermillion already zoned for business that will benefit our community without negatively affecting dozens of homeowners. This change is unnecessary and I will not be silently bullied out of my home.

If our own city leaders cannot show up for their meetings and do not care enough to hear our voices, then who will?


Cristi McClelland


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