Spotlight on small business

Spotlight on small business
R&K Specialties

Where do you get an ATV, (all-terrain vehicle) and cabinets in one place?

Ruben Doering, long-time resident of Wakonda, has opened up his talents to his business, R&K Specialties.

"I opened my own business to become my own boss. Working in a business you are just going to work. In running a business you make the decisions on how you are going to operate it," said Doering.

His daily work includes 12 to 14 hours of carving cabinets and getting them installed. He feels business is going well for as short of a time that he's been doing it.

Starting in high school, he built cabinets in shop class for fun. He adored working with woods when he was in school and has never stopped. Not doing a lot of long distance projects, he relies mainly upon people in Wakonda and surrounding areas for his business.

This former lineman for the previous Clay County Electrical Company is now experiencing growth with his business and loves his job.

"The average selling of ATVs is around three to five a year," said Doering. "They can be used for land or water." The average cost of projects for cabinets is "around $8,000," Doering said.

If you're ever in need of cabinets or want to buy an ATV, make a visit to R&K specialties, located on 114 Slant Street, Wakonda.

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